Who in the World is Nathan?

 When I finished college at the age of 18 I was lucky enough to land myself a job as a windsurf instructor in Southern France. This was my first real experience of life in another country, and I loved it! The lifestyle suited me more than anything I had ever experienced. I dreamed big, and when the summer season job ended I wanted to make money so that I could see more of the world, and wear board shorts every day! Being in England never felt right, I feel I belong in the sun and love being in and around water.

My first travel plan was too Australia, I liked the idea of going to the opposite side of the world and I felt I was destined to go, they even spoke my language so what could go wrong? Australia was great but expensive and I quickly learnt I couldn't stay as long as I had planned and I also had to miss out New Zealand which I was very sad about. But my next stop on my way back was Bangkok and I had a pretty huge culture shock when I arrived. And it lasted about a week or so. After I got used to the place I traveled all over Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and even flew off to Hong Kong for a week. I loved traveling and Asia was so cheap but new I had to go back to reality eventually.

I met Issy half a year later and she was very interested and enthusiastic about my travels, she wanted to travel so I couldn't stop my traveling there could I? Issy gave my the excuse to travel the world for a second time and we went all out! We saved enough for a deposit for a house. But why get a house when you can travel the world 🙂

When I got back to the UK I started University and planned to settle down as a teacher afterwards. But now we are fully set on a whole life of travel even when we have little ones.     




Who in the World is Issy?

I began traveling when I was 19. I had never been on a plane before and had never been out of Europe, my first flight was to Africa. I grew up with many sisters in the countryside and was always a wild child and bit of a Tomboy. Where my passion for traveling came from I don't know. Holidays with families were usually surfing ones where I would get battered by waves and covered in bruises, but I loved it. 

A year before I embarked on my first world travel adventure I became depressed. I went from a healthy weight of 8 stone, to an unhealthy weight of 5 stone 2. I feel this is important to share with you all, as you are probably browsing at the photos and are in shock as to how skinny I was in some of them. As a result of my depression I suffered from anorexia. Traveling for seven months with anorexia was difficult. Especially at the beginning. But with Nath by my side I was able to grow stronger, perhaps this is why we are like 'two peas in a pod'. 

After traveling and seeing so many beautiful countries I made the decision to go to University and study. Studying at Uni felt like a long time, but with it I gained so much knowledge and motivation to get me where I am now. I didn't let Uni stop me traveling either, I visited Jamaica, Finland and I even went on my first solo adventure to Japan. 

Being the sole writer of this website I hope you enjoy my blogs and find my travel guides useful! I believe you only have one life. If you want to spend that life with a house, a full time job and a fancy car then I'm not going to stop you. For me, I feel like I could not live this ordinary life and I want to buy memories rather than things. I hope to influence others to pursue their dreams and aspirations. 




Interview with Nissy Adventures

Why the name Nissy?
Well, the name came to us while we were travelling Africa. We were both bored whilst on a long drive and started thinking of random inventions we could make. We came up with something called 'nissy straws' which mixes our names together, 'nassy' just didn't have the right ring to it. Although we never made this weird invention of ours, the name kind of stuck!

How old were we when we got the travel bug?
We both began travelling at the age of 19

When did we get married?
We got married in December 2015 in Jamaica, and it was so great to get married in paradise on a budget doing what we both love! Travel and new destinations

What sort of places do we look for when travelling?
That depends! before we go anywhere it's always beach destinations... but after a while of going to beach destinations we crave something new and different! We just look for places that make us go 'wow!' and also as long as it isn't crowded by tourists.

Where is our favourite place?
There are many, please see our top ten destinations to find out where!

What is it like travelling as a couple?
We have to stick together and support each other all the time! We are not just a couple, but best friends, family and lifelong support. The best part is when you travel as a two you save more money! we both have very similar interests, so it is easy to chose somewhere to go... However of course, we are a couple and we do have our down days and argue like anyone else, but when we spend everyday together and get through these days we become so much stronger, but do get on each others nerves quite often haha.

What has been our most memorable and scary experience?
That has to be when we arrived in Cambodia! ... To start, we were taken to a fake border crossing where we almost paid an extremely expensive fake visa, and then to make things worse... when we did arrive we were followed by a Cambodian gang who all the locals were afraid of. We were stuck in Cambodia and ended up jumping on a random mini-bus full of no one who spoke English, boxes up to the roof and we were sat squished in between people we didn't know. We actually thought we were being kidnapped as we were on that mini-bus for over three hours! ... see our Cambodian page for more information!

Are there times when we miss home?
Of course! We especially miss home at Christmas. One year we were in Vietnam and both fell really ill with a horrible. The days around Christmas were spent in bed feeling sorry for ourself. Other times are when we spend constant nights on a sleeper bus or train, only to arrive in a destination exhausted and then search for cheap deals to stay - most the time our budget accommodation consisted of hard and dirty beds with a smelly hole in the ground as a toilet. We had so many days were we missed the comfort of our own bedroom. Sometimes we also struggled with the food! Issy went through a stage of craving jacket potato with some Heinz baked beans and Nathan missed fish and chips and macaroni cheese.

What advice would we give to aspiring travelers? 
Don't let fear stop you... There's probably more of a chance of you getting injured taking a dog for a walk... So just do it and go wherever your heart leads you! also be prepared that there is going to be good and bad days (just like home) but the bad experiences at the time will turn into a great story when you get home. You only have one life, and you are in charge of that life! Make the most of it and be daring!


...Got something you want to ask us? ...Then just email in at www.nissyadventure@gmail.com or drop a comment below!