Filming for ITV’s Cannonball

Filming for ITV’s Cannonball

It was 4:30am and I was up doing squats, press ups and annoying the people in the room under me by doing burpees. It was the day of filming and I was waking my body up and preparing it for the long and exciting day ahead – filming for Cannonball, ITV! Who new signing up for a TV show was a great opportunity to travel to a new country on a budget?! Be prepared to watch me shoot through the air on Saturday 16th September 2017 on ITV.

This day had been a long time coming and I couldn’t wait to get in front of the camera and begin the competition. I had met all my fellow contestants the night before and couldn’t believe I was with such an awesome group of people! Everyone was so friendly, confident and all new how to have a good laugh and enjoy life.

At 5:30, the coach picked us all up, and we set off into the sunrise towards Valetta, near where we were filming. We all helped our-self to tea and coffee and sat down as we heard our briefing for the day. Butterflies were in my stomach and despite it only being 6:30 in the morning, the sun was shining and the temperature was increasing fast! I just knew it was going to be a fantastic day!

We all ate our buffet breakfast, filled up on water and made our way to the film set where we had our first photoshoot of the day. The set up of the pools was beautiful, located right on the oceans edge with infinity pools, making it appear as though it carried on forever. As soon as we were set free from the contestant room, we began basking in the sun and soaking up the rays which are greatly missed in the UK.

(copyright of ITV, Cannonball, 2017)

Finally settled into four different groups, I eyed up my competition for the day! I was in the green group with four others, all with excellent personalities and they were all fun competition. We made our way to our first challenge of the day – skittles in a zorb! We watched the demonstration which ended up going wrong and he missed every single one (This gave me hope – not) and then we were put into an order of who was going when. Instructions were given to us, but my mind was blank and I just could not process any information. Before my turn I did a talk with Radzhi, in which I made a complete tit of myself and it clearly showed I hadn’t listened to a word. I said I was going to do the X position to attempt to knock all the skittles down…. Turns out you’re arms are inside the zorb and this is impossible!

It was finally my turn, I stood at the top of the slide in a giant plastic zorb, waving at the camera like a lunatic and asking the guy next to me for hinters. Before I knew it, Radzhi was asking if I was ready, in which I said yes (I wasn’t) and the countdown began… I stepped back and began my run-up, but there was a delay on the klaxon and I ended up stopping just before the start of the slide. The klaxon finally went off, I panicked and ended up just flopping forward in my giant plastic zorb. Somehow and magically I managed to knock 3 skittles over, but then I went head first over the side, landed upside down in the water (I thought I was going to drown!) and then finally bobbed up the right way, which felt like it took forever! … first challenge complete – and I had done dreadful! I already had a bucket of salt water up my nose and had to walk up to the camera – terrified I was going to have a load of snot over my face – thankfully I didn’t.

Time for the second challenge, but a talk with Maya Jama first…. I walked up to the camera with my competitor (we were called little and large) and we began talking to the camera … oh dear god – I ended up having verbal diarrhea and telling the story of me peeing in a pringles cup on the back of a bus in Nepal, which then led to the story of me flashing my butt to Indians in Varanasi! I am pretty sure everyone thinks I must be nuts now for sure… or at the very least think I have some sort of bladder problem!!

At the top of the slide, side by side with my competition, I held my inflatable and looked out at the incredible view and suddenly noticed how high I was! I am secretly terrified of heights, and was determined to conquer my fear today! I had told everyone I am fearless – I am not…. I am terrified of heights! The countdown began, my heart rate increased and I did not feel ready to plunge myself down this incredibly steep and ridiculous slide! The klaxon went off, and I attempted to lunge forward with aggression, but my legs turned to jelly and my aim was completely off! The jump was terrible and I ended up getting the worst distance on the entire show…. I was getting frustrated to have done so badly for two of the challenges already.

(copyright of ITV, Cannonball, 2017)

It was about half way through the day and time for some lunch, followed by my VT video…. here we go – Time for Issy to make even more of a tit out of herself haha! (sure enough I did). Filming the VT was great fun, and I left wondering what the heck had just happened! I had gotten into a cardboard box, pretended to be a travel presenter, done some stupid dancing and made tons of comments about me being tiny at 5″2’… Then somehow I managed to say my spirit animal was an elephant…. to begin with I had no idea why it was funny, but then after I returned home, I realised how contradictory I had been! An elephant boasting about how small I am and getting into cardboard boxes! – how ironic! 

It was time for the skimmer – My third challenge and the one I was most looking forward to! This time I didn’t say any embaressing stories on camera and I could feel myself finally getting used to the whole filming thing! I was feeling confident and I was not going to come down that slide without winning! At the top of the slide, the fear of heights dissappeared and it was replaced by the determination to win! The klaxon went off, and I was focussed, forgetting I was even being filmed. I reached the end, and I had done it! I had won and what was even better was that I had actually won a gold (later it got taken away) and had just done it in an insane time! Why couldn’t this determination and confidence have arrived earlier!

Feeling chuffed and confident in myself, I was extremely prepared and ready for my next and final challenge – The blob. It was probably the one I was most nervous about, in fact, it was probably the one that most people were nervous about! We were all terrfied of injuring ourself, and thoughts of me belly flopping or face planting the water were fast appearing in my imagination. I can do this! I began asking for hints and tips from as many people as possible and I had a plan in my mind! Think like a long tall stick, and think streamline!

I lay on the blob, adrenaline pulsing through my veins, and then before I knew it, the countdown began. I heard a heavy human plonk onto the inflatable and then I was up and away. I stared out in front of me, arms up above my head and then fell back to reality and neatly splashed into the water. I had no idea how well I had done and my initial thoughts were – OMG I probably did terrible and did not go very high at all. But as soon as I came out of the water I got a massive well done… turns out I had done pretty amazing and had won the bronze! Although unfortunately I was knocked out of third place towards the end of the show. But I was proud of my efforts. On camera I get verbal diarrhea again and start going on about me being a stick!  I am pretty sure Frankie was looking at me like I was insane and didn’t even know what to say to me.

So that was a short summary of the 14 and half hours of filming. It had been a long day, I had made some amazing friends, had so much fun and had made a tit out of myself on TV… But I don’t regret a thing and I don’t wish to have done anything different (well, except win of course!.)

Thank you ITV for an incredible experience and for the load of salt water up my nose and in my ears! Hope you all have fun watching me on Cannonball. Our whole show is only 40 minutes long, so all of this should have been an insider as to what it was like to be a contestant and what it was like filming for it.

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  1. Gil says:

    Hahaha, love it! Well done for temporarily holding gold & bronze. Really thought 1 girl wld make it to the final & it’d be u. O well, fantastic experience nevertheless as u so well describe. Go u!

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