Cycle Touring Around Europe! Our packing List and Route

Cycle Touring Around Europe! Our packing List and Route

We have spent months planning for our big adventure! The Journey starts in Romania, passing through Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France and then hopping on the Eurotunnel back to England. I'm not sure where we came to the decision that we would take fold-up bikes and camp our way around... but we did! This restricted us majorly of what we could bring for the next three or so months. We have just two 45 liter rucksacks: one for personal items, and one for our sleeping arrangements. So without waffling too much, here is our final packing list!

Our Packing List

Rucksack one (the sleeping arrangements):

x1 Quickhiker Ultralight 2 man Hiking Tent

2 Sea to Summut ultralight insulated mats

2 Snugpak Travelpak sleeping bags

2 Sea to Summit large Aeros pillows


Rucksack two (personal items):

Trying to fit two peoples clothes and items was not an easy process and meant sacrificing a lot of what we originally wanted to take. Fortunately I am only 5 foot 2 and my items are like taking a barbies suitcase! Nath on the other hand, at six foot 2 was more like taking a giants suitcase. We thought carefully ... what would we actually wear?

Issy's list Nath's list
x1 sports/running trousers

x1 walking trousers that convert to shorts

x2 shorts

x2 sports vests

x1 lightweight, compact down jacket

x1 fleece

x4 trainer socks

x1 walking socks

x5 undies

x1 trainers

x1 flipflops

x2 tiny bottles of my favourite conditioner

x1 hairbrush

x1 makeup bag (with make-up)

x1 roller deodrant

x1 toothbrush

x1 lightweight trousers

x2 shorts

x3 T-shirts

x1 fleece

x1 lightweight, compact down jacket

x4 trainer socks

x1 walking socks

x5 undies

x1 trainers

x1 flipflops

x1 pot of hair gel

x1 roller deodrant 

x1 toothbrush




Oh and of course the bikes and the rest of the stuff!

x2 pakka lite 20 inch wheel fold up bikes -  why did we chose these? ... They were heavy, didn't particularly pack up small, but they were incredibly cheap at about £179 each, they folded up (as stated), they fit on the plane under-luggage and they were easy to ride

x2 Outeredge folding bike bag (would thoroughly recommend!)

x1 bicycle repair kit, spares and a travel pump

x2 dry bags to fit inside the rucksacks

x2 helmets

x1 Solar panel

x1 Ankor battery pack

1 TB shockproof and waterproof hardrive

x1 large panasonic FZ 1000 camera

x1 small fujifilm waterproof camera

x1 gopro

x1 asus transformer T102 mini laptop

x2 mobile phones

EE Mifi box

all of our charging gear

first aid kit

Compact day bag


How much did everything cost?

The Quickhiker Ultralight 2 man Hiking Tent = £109.99

Sea to Summit ultralight insulated Sleeping Mat = £87

Pakka Lite folding bike = £179

Snugpak Travelpak 1 sleeping bag = £27.49

Sea to Summit Aeros large premium pillow = £24.76

Bicycle repair kit = £10

Outeredge folding bike bag = £24.69

Ankor Solar Panel = £50

Ankor Battery Pack = £25

= £822.50 for the both of us. 

As for the rest of our gear, we already owned it, so no extra expenses. 

The Route

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