Why You Should Live a Life of Travel

Why You Should Live a Life of Travel

Why live a life of travel?
One of the most popular comments I get on any picture or blog I publish is "I wish I could do that". I always reply with "You can do, what is stopping you?". It confuses me. Many people dream of living a life of travel, and many people don't pursue it. It is true, making a decision to quit everything you have ever known can be extremely daunting and for some, terrifying. When we told people we were going to sell everything and travel the world for the rest of our life no one believed us. It felt like no one was going to take us seriously because it was such a wild and crazy idea!

Of course we have doubts every so often, then we close our eyes and imagine our-self working in wet and cold England, where it rains on average 20 days a month - instantly that doubt disappears. Have you ever noticed how everyone spends their whole childhood at school, then in their teenage and early years in college and university, to what? spend the rest of their life in a full time job to pay bills until they get old. Now, I don't know about you, but if I have the choice to spend my life in exotic wonderful places instead of a life of work, work, work I know which one I would pick. 

I know what you are all thinking...

How do I afford such a thing? What about my friends and family? What if I change my mind? Will people disapprove of the way I want to live? Isn't it dangerous? ...

The list is probably endless of all the worries that are shooting in your mind right now. Well the truth is, choosing this as a lifestyle is a big risk, but so are many things in life. At the end of the day you only have one life, and if you would rather chose a lifestyle of 9-5 work, than a lifetime of risks, adventure and excitement then I am not going to stop you! Instead I am just going to tell you why you should live the life of travel...Oh and another thing, travel does NOT have to be expensive! We are certainly not lying in wealth, only happiness and memories. 


Connection with new places and culture 
Many people have become disconnected from the place in which they live. Have you ever watched people walking in the street and cities with their head stuck in their phone? This is dis-connection. They are no longer interested in the place they live and most of the time don't even realise they are anywhere. I am not saying everyone is disconnected from where they live, but I would say there is a high percentage. Whilst you travel you begin to see life much more differently. You start to notice your surroundings, notice the beautiful landscapes or vibrant cities in front of you. You connect with cultures and new places and form almost a special bond and relationship. 

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You will be richer 
When I say rich, I don't mean rich in money - although it is not to say that you can't make money whilst traveling. But what I mean is you will be rich in memories and experiences. You can look back at the many stories or pictures of your life and feel like the richest person in the world. 

why live a life of travel

Reduces stress
Now, just so you are aware - traveling can be very stressful at times! But, not as stressful as your job or having bills to pay. When you are travelling, all you have to worry about is the moment you are in at the time. If something stressful does crop up you will learn that those experiences turn into some fantastic stories. 

why live a life of travel

Helps you to discover and learn things about yourself 
When you travel, you will be amazed of how much you learn and discover about yourself. I have realised I have more confidence in myself, more motivated to do the things I love, I am cleverer than I ever knew, I have discovered what I am passionate about and what I am not and have learnt that I am one heck of a brilliant planner and organizer. I can't exactly tell you what you will discover about yourself - that is for you to find out!

why live a life of travel

Gives you a new perspective of life 
Travelling helps you to look at the world and your life a different way. Being in new cultures and meeting people from those cultures will make you realise how you look at the world has completely changed. By seeing it for yourself you can no longer be influenced by tales from others off media sites, but you can gain your own opinion and perspective. 

why live a life of travel

Experience new cultures and food 
If you are a massive foodie like me, travelling around the world and tasting every cuisine is one of the biggest perks of travelling. I loved going to India and eating the best curries I have ever tasted, Visiting Thailand to eat Pad Thai, or even visiting Italy to have amazing pizza. Every place you will visit will be completely different and taste completely different. You shall never be bored! 

why live a life of travel

Appreciation of life 
There are so many ways travel can give you more appreciation : you will appreciate relationship more, especially if you spend a long time away; you will have more appreciation for the environment, sustainability and conservation; You will have more appreciation for the smaller things in life (A Jacket potato if you are me); You will appreciate where you come from, especially when you visit a third world country; And also you will appreciate the moment in which you live. 


You Only Live Once (YOLO)
I know many people have heard of the phrase 'YOLO' before, but it isn't just a phrase, it can be a way of life. At the end of the day, you do only have one life, and you shouldn't just dream your dreams, but you should live your dreams. What have you got to loose?

why live a life of travel

Adrenaline and a sense of Adventure 
Travelling certainly gives you excitement and adventure - Gorge swinging over the Zambezi river, climbing volcanoes or Everest Base Camp, bartering prices in the markets of Vietnam, partying at the full moon party in Thailand, shark diving or island hopping some of the most beautiful places you have ever seen. If this sounds like your bucket list. You are going to love travelling. 

why live a life of travel

You are never tied down
One of the best parts about living a life of travel is having no ties. You have no house with a mortgage to worry about, no job you have to worry about booking holiday for and no bills you have to try and remember paying. You are a free-spirit and can go where you want and when you want, with nothing holding you back. 

 why live a life of travel

And Finally, a message from Nath
Here in England or most other countries we can feel depressed, stressed, and just unhappy. Life has been created in a certain way by others and we feel pressure from everything - friends, family, bosses. We care about how others perceive us and we want to do well and also fake how well we are doing. We work for hours and hours everyday and have no choice as we have to pay for stuff that make us feel successful and happy. We judge ourselves and others by what we wear and the things we are able to buy. We have everything we want, but can never be completely happy. When it comes to Monday, we don't have everything we want, we have to get up and go to work, and then again the next day and the next until it's the weekend. We feel we have to do something special, so we party, go for drives, whatever makes us happy, then we start over again. We don't need to live this life that has been created by others, we can live our own individual lives. The 'normal' way of living is just the most obvious choice, there are many more choices in life, we can be completely in control. Everything we experience shapes our lives, reading this will create some change in your life, but you probably won't even realise. Everything we dream is possible, otherwise our brains would not have processed it. We are still caveman/cavewoman living in others dreams they made real. 


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4 responses to “Why You Should Live a Life of Travel”

  1. Charlie Alf says:

    I am a first time visitor to your blog, and it is awesome! How cool it is that you guys travel the world! I do a little travel but mostly vacationing. I’m not to the point of taking the plunge and traveling full time like you guys do, however I am considering it more now after reading your blog. I look forward to reading more about your and Nathan’s adventures!

    • Issy says:

      Hi Charlie 🙂

      That is great that you might be considering it after reading our blog :D! It is a difficult leap for anyone, but that fact that you have the courage to consider it shows your adventurous nature. You should always do what makes you happy in life :D. I hope you will enjoy reading our adventures as we go – our next big adventure is cycling around Europe on a fold up bike, whilst wild camping. Eek! we leave June 2nd 🙂

      Happy Travelling,

  2. Graham says:

    what happened to the cycling – I’d LOVE to know – I’ve traveled quite a bit but thinking of Europe, Russia, maaaaaybe China, down through Asia – India and across to Africa

    big Love G

    • Issy says:

      Hey Graham! 🙂

      We arrived back in the UK at the start of September.. The whole experience was incredible and I am still making my way through writing lots of blogs from it 🙂 As well as an overall one about the whole trip… In the meantime, you can head over to Youtube as we smushed each country into a short clip of our cycling journey :D. – just type in Nissy Adventure into YouTube 😛

      I think your idea sounds awesome! We have had some friends who have cycled from North to South of Africa and also friends who have cycled from France all the way to Japan…. The only problem with China is the Pollution and you may need to get a train through some of it. Ive heard Africa is very safe and a place you shouln’t miss cycling through is Iran! I’ve heard some really wonderful things :).

      Happy Travels, and do keep us posted if you do decide to do this awesome trip… we would love to follow your adventure.


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