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 Finding the cheapest hotel deal can be difficult when pre-booking accommodation, especially if you are unfamiliar with the market out there! We have a number of favourite recommended accommodation booking platforms you can use to save money on your travels. Check out the list below! By clicking on some (not all) of these links and booking your accommodation you are helping support us through our adventures! Thanks in Advance 🙂

#1 Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is my favourite place to book accommodation. People are kind enough to host their homes and give you place to sleep and stay. Sometimes they will even cook some traditional meals for you! It is absolutely free and an excellent way to travel expensive countries and be apart of that countries culture. People are always so friendly and interested in your stories during the homestay. What is best is that it is available pretty much anywhere in the world. 

#2 is a great place to book accommodation if you are travelling as a two. You can find the best deals for two people easily and a lot of the budget hostels or hotels provide breakfast. You can also pre-book accommodation without having to pay until you get there. You can reserve it and usually have two days before your arrival date to cancel if your plans have changed. It is a site we often use whilst backpacking cheaper countries. 

#3 Air BnB

This is another great way to stay in an expensive location for a very cheap cost! you can book a beach bungalow on many popular beaches from as cheap as £8! This is a fantastic deal for two people and usually a great place to stay! There are options from entire homes to a shared room in someones house. 

#4 Agoda 

A little like and sometimes you may find prices on this site can be cheaper than I usually find this one a little more expensive, but on occasions I found it cheaper. For example, when visiting Myanmar, using Agoda was a lot better than with plenty of availability and a cheaper cost. You can also pre-book accommodation here without having to pay for anything until you arrive. Just make sure you let them know two days before if you want to cancel!

#5 Warm Showers

Warm showers is by far the best site for people cycle tour and want to find somewhere to camp free of cost and use someones shower. People are kind enough to provide their garden for you to pitch up your tent and take a shower in their home. In cities, people often provide you a bedroom to stay in (similar to couchsurfing). It is a fantastic way to cycle and camp in place where wild camping is not permitted. Around Europe is the best 

#6 Camp in my Garden 

Similar to WarmShowers, but you will have to pay a small cost to camp in their garden and use their shower. It is a carefree way to camp your way around expensive countries. prices can be anything from £1.50 - £10 

#7 Hostel World and Hostel Bookers 

I have put these two together because they are virtually the same thing! They are a great site for solo travellers looking for cheap dorm rooms in countries from all over the world. They provide great deals and is an excellent site for the budget backpacker! You will usually meet lots of people on the road whilst staying in one of these, so no need to worry about anything like that!



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