Well as you already know from the title, this was one of the places where Avatar was based on. The views for this place are unbelievable and so interesting. As it is the Avatar mountains, there are many chances to have photographs of you and avatar creatures souring above the 'floating' mountains... Some you may even see as familiar if you are a big avatar fan like Nathan ! 


No. 5 - Agra, The Taj Mahal











We'll be honest! we didn't exactly have high expectations for the Taj Mahal. We have already seen so many temples and historical monuments that we thought it would just be another one of those. However, the Taj Mahal was something much different - As it stood there in its beauty, so proud and strong, you are definitely taken aback!
It was so clean and seemed so new. As soon as you enter you can tell that this mosque is loved by so many and you will definitely realise why it is one of the seven wonders when you get here!
.. if you are female however, be prepared for many locals wanting their picture with you!

  No. 4 - Quan Lan Island








If you are looking for a 'wild' Island to spend a few days on, with no tourists, locals who look at you like you are an alien and electricity for some parts of the day... oh and of course if you want to see Halong bay on the cheap 'then' Quan Lan Island is a must. Getting here can be a little tricky, but it is completely worth it for pure solitude

  No. 3 - Uganda

No matter what you do in Uganda, you are always welcomed by the friendly locals who will often point and shout Mazungu at you (rich white man). Also you must try the tasty chapatis that they sell filled with avocados, tomatoes and egg.