trekking kalaw inle lake independently

Trekking Kalaw – Inle Lake Independently (Our Journey)


After winding around mountainous roads, making us feel sick and dizzy, we had finally arrived in Kalaw. It was 4am in the morning and despite the Burmese buses being very comfortable we both hadn't been able to sleep on the overnight bus from Yangon. We exited the bus, blasted with freezing cold mountain air and headed over to the teashop over the road. After a caffeine fix of a mug of green tea, we loaded

Summiting Mount Etna Independently


This Guide provides you with the information you need to hike to the summit (3,300m) of Mount Etna independently, WITHOUT a guide! It can be done, and this adventurous challenge will push every limit you have and is perfect for adrenaline junkies!  In This Guide.... Introducing Mount Etna The Weather and When to Go What You Will Need How to Get There & Back How to Reach the Summit What to Expect Trekking to the

top places italy

Top Ten Places To Visit In Italy


Here you will find our favourite places that we visited when we cycled toured Italy. Italy wasn't our favourite country, but the country was incredibly beautiful - full of stunning landscapes, historical cities, delicious food and amazing architecture.    10 - Cosenza  For some this may seem like an odd place to deserve a spot on this list. However, we fell in love with Cosenza, especially at night time! This young, hip city really comes

Tasting Sicily – Foods You Must Try


I am a massive foodie! One thing I love about travelling is being able to taste the world and try new and wonderful things. Although we didn't particularly like cycle touring around Sicily, the food on the other hand was delicious! This guide provides you with the foods you must try in Sicily to experience and taste their culture.  Arancini Arancini translates as 'Little Orange' in Italian, due to their shape and colour that reminisces an

hitchhiking Greece story

You Never Know Who Will Pick You Up (Hitching in Greece)


It was our first day of cycling in Greece, the temperature was up to 40 degrees and we had ended up in Drama, rather than Thessaloniki - an unexpected plan, putting us behind schedule. There was no other option other than to try and hitch-hike to Thessaloniki and get back on track. We decided to cycle 20km just to the west of Drama where there appeared to be possible place to hitch-hike from on the

Eight Things ‘The Pocket Theory’ Means


A very inspiring and real article about travelling as a couple. I feel it is safe to say that one year travelling with the person you love is the equivalent of ten years back at home... this articles tells you just why this is the case!    Guest Post written by Bella Clarke from Where Bella Went   The ups and Downs of long term travel with your other half “It’ll either make or break your

Kefalonia budget travel guide

Kefalonia Mini Travel Guide


In This Guide: When to Go How to Get Here Budgeting  Top Things to See   The island of Kefalonia has to be one of Greece's most magical and beautiful places to visit. It is noted as the largest and greenest Ionian island in Greece, with so many wild areas that it is never crowded. This beautiful island has everything to offer and can be visited by lovers of beaches, mountains, wildlife and even ruins.

top places greece

Top 10 Places to Visit in Greece


Greece is one of our favourite countries in Europe! It is a country that has everything - Mountains, volcanoes, beaches, turtles, picturesque villages, ancient ruins and some of the most friendliest people we have ever met! Hopefully this list will inspire you to take your next adventure to Greece or give you an idea for where to go on your visit.  10 - Ancient Corinth  Corinth is made up of three parts: Acrocorinth; the city;

Hitchhiking bulgaria

Hitchhiking in Bulgaria


Hitch-hiking in Bulgaria has been my favourite place ever to do it! I never expected to fall in love with Bulgaria like I did. As soon as we arrived in this beautiful country, I instantly new it was going to be an incredible adventure. We were at the Veliko-Tarnovo train station, ready to buy our tickets to Varna when we were informed that the train had been cancelled. Unsure of what to do, we decided

top places romania

Top Places to See and Visit in Romania


Here you will find our favourite places that we visited in Romania. We have decided to miss out the usual big cities as we find them to be incredibly built up and over-rated! Hopefully this will help inspire you to visit this absolutely stunning country that has so much history and beautiful natural places to offer!  8 - Bran Probably one of the most famous castles in the world - Bran Castle, can be found in