Bucegi: Mountains, Bears and Giants


In this guide... 1.The Bucegi Mountains Conspiracies 2.Where to Start your Hike 3.Hiking to the Top (Baba-Mere: 2300m) 4.Camping with the Bears The Bucegi Mountains Conspiracies The Bucegi Mountains are a beautiful area in Romania and are a part of the highly-concentrated section of the Carpathian Mountain Range. However, it is not the picturesque views, the abundance of wildlife or the inedible rock formations that are the prime reason for tourists visiting, but, it is

ITV Cannonball contestant

Filming for ITV’s Cannonball


It was 4:30am and I was up doing squats, press ups and annoying the people in the room under me by doing burpees. It was the day of filming and I was waking my body up and preparing it for the long and exciting day ahead - filming for Cannonball, ITV! Who new signing up for a TV show was a great opportunity to travel to a new country on a budget?! Be prepared to

Grand Canyon: A Must Place to Visit!


Guest post written by Shawn Michaels from The Smart Lad Grand Canyon is in the northwest corner of Arizona, near the fringes of Utah and Nevada. Measuring roughly 277 miles long, up to miles in width and a mile profound, this gigantic gorge in northern Arizona is really a characteristic wonder. Grand Canyon Weather: The climate in Grand Canyon fluctuates with chilly winters and lovely summers, humidity, and impressive diurnal temperature changes at the higher

Cycling 100km through the Apuseni National Park


Day One We woke up in Cluj-Napoca, fuelled for the day and ready to begin our big adventure - cycling 100km through the Apuseni National Park. We each had our heavy bags attached with bungees on the back of our bikes, with our camping gear and personal items. To be honest, we hadn't really planned, or thought it through, we just decided we were going to do it and thought it would only take us

Cycle Touring Around Europe! Our packing List and Route


We have spent months planning for our big adventure! The Journey starts in Romania, passing through Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France and then hopping on the Eurotunnel back to England. I'm not sure where we came to the decision that we would take fold-up bikes and camp our way around... but we did! This restricted us majorly of what we could bring for the next three or so months. We have just two 45 liter

10 Euro Day on Comino Island


It was an early start, at literally the crack of dawn - 5:30am wake-up. I was excited to begin my day exploring the Comino island, and had no clue as to how the day would actually pan out. I had to return to Bugibba at 1pm, as it was my day of departure and I needed to leave for the airport.  I had been warned about the slow buses and terrible traffic in Malta already,

Top Tips for First Time Travellers


Pick an easy destination PhuketFirst things first - choosing the destination, or destinations you want to travel to. For your first trip you should pick a country that is fairly easy to travel to. For example, Thailand or Japan is considered as a great first time travel location, whereas a country in West Africa is not so easy. It can be difficult to decide what is easy and what is not,

Plymouth Top 15 Places

Our Favourite 15 Places to Visit in Plymouth


Plymouth is known as Britain's Ocean City, located in the South West, just under Dartmoor National Park. It is by far our favourite city in England and I'm sure after seeing this post it will be one of yours too! After living in Plymouth for three years whilst at University, we were able to explore the city extensively and have put together a list of our favourite places in Plymouth. 15 - Merchants House Museum

Top 5 Culture Shocks in China


A lot of people will post blogs about their amazing experiences, beautiful sights and incredible locations. However, it became apparent to me that travelling is not always about this, and sometimes we do come across some sights that we probably don't agree with and that might even upset us. A place where I experienced a lot of this was in China. I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing a lot of the time and

trekking everest base camp independently

The Beautiful Trek to Everest Base Camp


Q’s and A’s for EBC Our EBC Packing List EBC Independent Trekking Guide Back to Nepal As crazy as it sounds, we decided to do the Everest Base Camp trek in February with No Guide, No Map, No Compass, No Porter. Just one spare change of clothes, rented coats and equipment and each other! I had no idea what to expect for this ultimate adventure, but it ended up being one of the best things we